My 2023 GOTY? Fantasy Football remains a contender

In any given year, I play a lot of video games. It’s the nature of the job. There are a few staples, like Street Fighter, but otherwise things come and go. This year was a Zelda year and a Final Fantasy year, for instance – but not every year is. But one aspect of gaming is a constant each year: fantasy football. This year has been especially thrilling.

Some of you may already play, or have in the past. Others might be clueless. But, as an RPG head, it has to be said that this tertiary activity to real life sports has always scratched much the same itch for me as many of the best video games – which is why I wanted to give it its dues at the end of the year – even on this, one of the best

Fantasy Football is about stats. It’s about research, planning, and min-maxing. Obviously, it’s also a little bit about luck. Basically, it’s a role-playing game.

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