My Hero Academia season seven makes Spring 2024 even busier anime-wise

Looks like spring is going to be pretty busy for big anime next year, as My Hero Academia’s seventh season is planned to start sometime that season.

Over the weekend we got a teaser for Demon Slayer season four, confirming that the next arc will be airing in spring 2024. Well, as reported by Anime News Network, the second 2024 issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed that season seven of My Hero Academia would be airing in spring next year. A promotional image was shared on the Japanese My Hero Twitter account, but other than that not much else was shared about the upcoming season.

Season seven was announced pretty shortly after the previous season ended back in March, with a very brief visual teasing what’s to come. Alongside the new season, there’s also a fourth film in the works, though again, not much is known about it. Original manga creator Kohei Horikoshi is attached as a general supervisor and original character designer for the film, and will be roughly set around where the anime is currently set.

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