Nightingale has what it takes to be your favourite new Steam survival game fix – preview

From the moment I booted up Nightingale’s character creator and saw I could adjust just how yellow my British character’s teeth were, I knew I was on to a winner. Nightingale – Inflexion Game’s upcoming steam punk survival game – has a lot of merit. Be it a distinct world to explore, a deep crafting and creation system, or a social focus that enhances the whole package. There’s a lot to love here.

Let’s start with what the core gameplay loop of Nightingale is. After finishing a tutorial, you’re thrown into a vast universe of various biomes, connected to each other via gateways. It’s your job to gather up resources to sustain yourself, establish a home, and venture out into this wild and wacky world to further improve yourself, your lodgings, and whatever big shiny stick or gun you’ve taken a liking to. It’s a well-known formula at this point, but Nightingale adds just enough of its own special sauce to make it devilishly moreish.

The most obvious of these excellent additions in Nightingale come from the Realm Card system. You see, those gateways I mentioned earlier aren’t just doors to a set location. You can modify your next location with a selection of Realm Cards. These include the fairly standard biome cards, but also the more intriguing major or minor modifier cards, which can have a drastic impact on your upcoming adventure. We’re talking about gravity-alteration, loot randomizers, and cards that turn the sky blood red and ramp up the difficulty.

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