Ninja Issen perfects retro, cyberpunk, platforming action to deliver nostalgic 90s magic

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It’s amazing what a solo dev can do, isn’t it? We usually see solo developers working on cosy life simulators, perfecting the music and the harvest town vibes over the course of a few years, teasing you into their laid-back world full of bucolic splendour with ease, letting you take a breath and smell the proverbial (and literal) flowers. But that isn’t the case with Ninja Issen. No, far from it.

In Ninja Issen, solo developer Asteroid-J has been hard at work on an action-platfformer that harckens back to the early days of video games – when the pixel reigned supreme and all you needed to quicken a heartbeat and sweaten a palm was a 2D, side-on view of a screen full of laser and precarious ledges.

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