Nintendo Switch blasts past 1.2 billion games sold as Switch 2 rumours loom large

According to stats posted on the official Japanese Nintendo website, the Nintendo Switch has blown past 1.2 billion software game units, as well as 139 million consoles sold. This staggering milestone has been passed at a time when rumours of the Switch 2 are substantial and convincing.

The same website allows us to compare the Nintendo Switch to other Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo Switch has comfortably outsold almost every Nintendo console to date including the Game Boy which still stands proud as the former best-seller. The only exception is the Nintendo DS, which remains king at 154 million units sold. As for software units sold, the Switch is the only Nintendo console that managed to breach the one billion mark to date.

Looking beyond Nintendo, the Switch currently stands as a possible contender for the best selling console of all time if it maintains momentum and continues shipping units in the coming months. As pointed out by VGC, the Switch is currently only roughly 16 million units short of beating out the PlayStation 2’s staggering 155 million sold consoles.

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