Palworld devs can’t keep up with cheaters, but it’s working on a solution

Palworld is slightly struggling with cheaters at the moment, which developer Pocketpair has acknowledged it’s failed to deal with so far.

If you’re one of the numerous players unable to log in to Palworld at the moment due to server issues, you won’t be the only one, as apparently cheaters are making it difficult to play the game across the board. This is something Pocketpair is aware of, and in a recent Steam post it has admitted to the problem, and while it doesn’t have a solution just yet, it does have a plan on how to deal with it. “First of all, we plan to release a player list function for servers in an update at the end of February,” reads the post.

“Through this, we will strengthen the identification of players who engage in cheating and the suspension of their use by the development team. Following this, we plan to introduce an external anti-cheat solution to take measures against particularly frequent fraudulent activities and cheating… In addition to the above measures, we will continue to take thorough measures against further cheating and fraudulent activities.”

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