Palworld popularity soars: 19 million players dive into monster-taming adventure

There are now officially more Palworld players than competitive dog groomers worldwide. We think. We’re not too versed in such things; however, we are sure that player numbers are 19 million strong and growing.

Palworld also recently arrived on Xbox, and within its first ten days, amassed more than 7 million players. It is also the biggest third-party launch in Game Pass history and the most-played third-party day-one release via cloud gaming with Game Pass Ultimate.

Player numbers have grown exponentially since the game went into Early Access earlier this month, and on Xbox alone, it reached a peak of nearly three million daily active users. On Steam, where it is currently the top-selling game on the platform, it hit an all-time peak of 2,101,867 concurrent players. As of press time, there are currently 718,723 players in-game, and over 12 million have played the game through Steam.

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