Phil Spencer reportedly attempts to calm employees by assuring them Microsoft will keep making Xbox consoles

As many wonder if Microsoft will be exiting the console market, Phil Spencer has apparently reassured employees it intends to keep making Xboxes.

While it’s all still a bit up in the air, the future of PlayStation and Nintendo is looking a bit greener, as there have been various reports of games like Hi-Fi Rush, Starfield, and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – all currently Xbox exclusives – might be coming to the rival platforms. It’s looking pretty likely Hi-Fi Rush will soon be on PS5 and Switch, with Starfield and Indy presumably coming to just PS5, but all of this has worried Xbox fans a bit. Spencer did address the speculation earlier this week, saying that there will be some kind of business update event coming next week which will share “more details” about “our vision for the future of Xbox.”

Now, Inverse’s head of gaming Shannon Liao, shared in her own Substack newsletter that Xbox recently held an internal townhall where Spencer informed employees that the company has no plans to stop making consoles, with Xboxes continuing to be part of its strategy that includes various kinds of devices. That obviously doesn’t shed much light on what the overall strategy is at this point in time, though with Xbox’s general “play anywhere” attitude to gaming – meaning, on Xbox, PC, your phone, through the cloud – it’s not exactly that surprising that the company is thinking about bringing its tentpole games to other platforms.

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