Pikachu’s latest music video cameo sees him be abducted by a man in a big hat’s techno spaceship

Hi there, it’s Friday as I write this, as a new music video featuring a cameo from Pikachu has arrived in our lives. In case you were wondering, it sees him be abducted by a spacecraft piloted by a DJ in a big hat, which is quite fun.

Yes, I’m serious, and the Pokemon Company officially endorsed this happening – possibly just to guarantee the last few people still trying would stop asking it to say something about Palworld that isn’t just ‘we’re looking into it’. Now, prepare yourself, because I’m not sure you’re ready for all the implications the story this video tells might have.

To start off with, the song itself is called “Never Be Lonely” and is performed by DJ and songwriter Jax Jones, alongside singer Zoe Wees. The former name might be familiar to Pokemon vets, as he was one of the artists involved in the 2021 album put out to commemorate Pokemon’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

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