Please can someone, anyone, make a Delicious in Dungeon video game

You ever get a video game itch that just seems impossible to scratch? You know exactly what you want, but no matter what you play it just isn’t doing it for you. I’m going through that right now, and it’s all because of the incredibly good anime and manga that is Delicious in Dungeon. The anime is currently airing on Netflix, and if you couldn’t tell from the fact that this is my third piece of writing on the series in the space of a month, I’m hyper fixating on it just a touch.

I’m just having such a ridiculously fun time with it, the character designs being incredibly satisfying to the eye, and Studio Trigger’s iconic stylings coming through exactly when you need them to. But… while I really love the anime, and the manga too, what I’d really love is a side order of a Delicious in Dungeon video game. So please, game developers, I’m begging you: make a Delicious in Dungeon game, official or not, I’m on my hands and knees here.

It’s not like I haven’t been looking elsewhere to potentially get my kicks. As a start, you’d think that a dungeon crawler could be a good choice, given how Delicious in Dungeon literally depicts its main characters exploring a dungeon, picking up treasure along the way. But a lot of the best looking dungeon crawlers don’t let you cook up the monsters you face off against. There are games like Monster Menu: The Scavenger’s Cookbook, but then the aesthetic isn’t quite right, or maybe Dungeon Munchies, which even has a similar name, but the gameplay isn’t really what I’m looking for either. It’s like trying to remake a sandwich you got from that fancy place in town, but the ingredients just aren’t as good, and there’s a sauce you didn’t have.

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