Pokemon Go reveals January’s Eggs-pedition Access event

The arrival of the new year has already brought about an unmissable event in Pokémon Go. Egg-pedition Access is happening in January and players can now begin purchasing tickets for the event. It allows trainers to participate in new Timed Research and earn tonnes of rewards such as Incubators, higher Gift storage, and bucketloads of XP. Eggs-pedition Access will be a monthly occurrence for the duration of the Timeless Travels season.

Every month, a new Eggs-pedition special Timed Research will go live and will remain available until the end of the month. It will feature a set of research tasks that grant XP, Stardust, and Pokémon found in the Hisui region. These include Gible, Togetic, and Hisuian Growlithe – and that’s just a few of them. … [MORE]