Postknight 2 invites players to gift Bonds with flowers until February 27th

Kurechii is inviting everyone to spread the love with some flowers within Postknight 2, where the Blossom Festival is now in full swing. Until February 27th, you can collect Blossom Hearts to score exclusive in-game goodies, as well as go on lovely dates in Pompon Garden to ramp up the romance with your Bonds.

In this flowery new update for Postknight 2, you can look forward to gifting your loved one with floral delights for some exclusive memories. You can score Blossom Hearts by clearing event-exclusive Delivery Quests and taking down your foes like a boss – then, you can use these Blossom Hearts to redeem Blossom Tickets and other goodies. You’ll need to have completed Pompon Story 2-25 to access the Pompon Garden. … [MORE]