Replaying Phantom Liberty? This new Cyberpunk 2077 mod is all about finding Dogtown’s cool hidden secrets

If you’re looking for a fresh reason to delve back into Cyberpunk 2077’s brilliant Phantom Liberty expansion, a new mod that aims to encourage and help you out as you hunt for all of Dogtown’s hidden gear and secrets is well worth checking out.

While it’s fun knowing that work has kicked off at CD Projekt on the game’s highly-anticipated sequel and that the team working on it is looking like it’s shaping up to be the kind that could produce something really cool, it’s still going to be a good while until it arrives. So, why not head back to Kurt Hansen’s fiefdom and hunt down some stuff you might’ve missed, with a little mod help?

That mod is ‘Pacifica Typhoon – Dogtown’s Hidden Gems’, the latest undertaking of modder Darkcopse, who’s previously given folks the chance to hack all of Night City’s vending and arcade machines, because why not, right? This time around they’ve had a go at creating “an immersive way to find almost all of the 46 hidden gems, sweet spots, cyber-junkies, and iconic weapons in the Phantom Liberty DLC”.

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