Reverse: 1999 releases new EP titled Fairy’s Blessing for Christmas

Bluepoch Games has just released a holiday-themed track for their recently launched title, Reverse: 1999. The 20th-century time-travel strategic RPG dropped a new EP called Fairy’s Blessing, which features a distinctive retro art style like that seen in classic anime.

Reverse: 1999’s latest track stars the 6-star Tooth Fairy and the children of the Foundation that were introduced in version 1.2, which went live a few weeks ago. All of them unite together to celebrate Christmas and engage in the holiday cheer. The EP has been sung by Tooth Fairy’s voice actress, Alexandra Boyadjieff, and a child choir. Adam Gubman is the composer, who is known for working on The Greatest Showman and several video games including Arknights. … [MORE]