Roblox sets the stage for metaverse star Polar’s exclusive concert

Roblox | Pocket TacticsContinuing the trend of live music events gracing the platform, TheSoul Publishing has announced a Roblox Polar concert titled ‘Happier Than Ever’. Polar is the company’s fully virtual pop star who reminds us a bit of a Gen Alpha Hatsune Miku, right down to her blue-green hair.

TheSoul Publishing, a digital studio known for its many channels such as 5-Minute Crafts and Baby Zoo, is diving into the metaverse via Roblox alongside AAA game developer Kokku to bring young people an immersive concert experience complete with social games and other activities. The concert takes place in Club Blox, an amusement park-slash-music venue of Kokku’s creation filled with opportunities to unlock limited Roblox UGC items.

Polar debuted back in October 2021 and has since built a massive social media presence including over two million TikTok followers and 1.36 billion views on YouTube. During the ‘Happier Than Ever’ concert you’ll get to listen to three new, Roblox-exclusive songs: Sold Love, Shivers, and the event’s namesake song, Happier Than Ever. Plus, you’ll get to experience it all in a Roblox game built by the developers who worked on Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series.