Skyrim co-op modder gives up on developing Starfield Together because “this game is f*****g trash”

One of the modders behind popular multiplayer mod Skyrim Together has revealed that they started work on something similar for Starfield, but have since abandoned its development after finding the game wasn’t to their liking.

If you’re not familiar, Skyrim Together allows you to play the game alongside some buddies in typical co-op fashion. If you prefer to wander alone, it might not be for you, but for those who like the idea of adventuring in a Baldur’s Gate 3-style party with real people, it’s certainly worth considering giving it a go.

That said, it seems you won’t be able to hop into something similar for Starfield any time soon, with Cosideci, one of its developers, having recently revealed that they’ve ended up shelving the work they’d started to do on a Starfield Together mod.

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