Someone’s added a giant Terrormorph boss made of gold to Starfield, and it looks pretty hilarious to fight

If you’ve found Starfield’s universe to be a bit too boring for your tastes then I’ve got good news – a modder’s had a go at adding a giant golden Terrormorph boss fight to it that looks like it’s anything but that.

Yes, while a lot of modders are largely sticking with the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim now we’re at the point where it seems like Starfield’s Creation Kit probably needs to arrive before people can really start trying to unleash its full modding potential, some devoted folks are still working on or planning interesting mods for it in the interim. One of these definitely looks like a fun reason to pay a visit to Earth, if nothing else.

This is the point where I introduce you to the “Hephaestus Hound”, the latest creation of modder InquisitorOverhaulsReturn. Yes, it’s a giant Terrormorph boss with solid gold skin, that you can find just chilling near the Cairo landmark on Starfield’s version of Earth. Why’s it got golden skin? Greek mythology is the answer.

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