Stardust and Mysten Labs are helping developers launch Web3 games on Sui

Aside from the odd exception, today’s gaming world is quite a comfortable environment. App stores and services for all platforms occupy a place on the map which can be reached with little effort and gaming communities are more closely connected than ever before. But as with all familiar surroundings the appearance of new innovations can, at least at first, appear unsettling.

In the case of Web3, it feels like a mountain that’s recently materialised on the horizon. It sits in foreign land that looks inviting from a distance, and the prospect of exploring it would no doubt yield a fresh perspective to our gaming landscape. But currently, for most gamers, the road to Web3 seems too complicated and too uncertain to join. Fortunately, a number of companies are working hard to make this foreign territory much more accessible, with Stardust, a pioneering blockchain infrastructure platform, leading the way. … [MORE]