Starfield bug is causing more frequent crashes for players that haven’t started New Game+

Those of you that haven’t started New Game+ in Starfield yet might want to be careful, as there appears to be a bug causing crashes in long-running save files.

Who would have guessed it, Starfield has some annoying bugs that could possibly hamper your playthrough. This time, as reported by PCGamer, some players have found that playthroughs where they haven’t opted to start New Game+ increasingly result in the game crashing. A popular Skyrim modder, wSkeever, actually noticed this bug last month, sharing what they’d found on the Starfield mods subreddit. At the time they noted that it was to do with the game’s dynamic form ID generation logic.

Those are obviously some complicated sounding words, so thankfully a user on the main Starfield subreddit laid out what the issue is exactly. As they explain it, “dynamic forms are most of the in-game objects you encounter during your gameplay,” pointing to examples like planets, points of interest, parts of your ship, crafting items. Basically, most things in the game. In previously Bethesda titles, since around 2007, the way that it typically used to work is that once these objects are no longer in use, “they get recycled/ despawned and the ID’s that were designated to them get recycled/ reused for new objects you spawn in when crafting/building or exploring.”

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