Strange Horticulture, the upcoming occult puzzle game, will launch on iOS and Android on March 26th

PID Games, Bad Vikings and Iceberg Interactive have officially announced the release date for Strange Horticulture, letting players try their hand at matters of the occult beginning March 26th. Launching on both iOS and Android devices, the premium puzzle game tasks you with handling a variety of activities as the proprietor of a local plant shop. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll identify new greenery, speak to covens, or even join cults – all in a day’s work in the quirky town of Undermere.

In Strange Horticulture, you can look forward to navigating occult practices using your collection of plants. As a horticulturist, you’ll encounter plenty of colourful characters and store patrons – thankfully, you can also pet your cuddly cat companion to relieve the stress. … [MORE]