Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn’t actually Kevin Conroy’s last outing as Batman

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was expected to be the late Kevin Conroy’s final role as Batman, but it seems there might be one more performance from him on the way.

In 2022, Conroy, beloved for his performance as various incarnations of the caped crusader, unfortunately died at the age of 66 following a short battle with cancer. Later that year, it was announced that he had reprised his role as the Arkham-verse Batman, marking it as a posthumous performance, and his presumed last as the character. However, a report from IGN suggests that won’t be the case, as Conroy will supposedly appear in the upcoming Bruce Timm led Batman: Caped Crusader, as well as an animated Justice League movie.

According to IGN, there’s no confirmation as to whether Conroy will be playing Batman or not in Caped Crusader, though it was able to confirm that he had recorded for the show prior to his death. IGN was able to confirm with sources it spoke to that Conroy will be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman from the original Batman: The Animated series in the upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Three. The first part in a series of three films released earlier this month, and as you can probably guess from the title, is a DC multiverse story featuring several different versions of characters across the Justice League.

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