Summoners War: Sky Arena’s collaboration event with The Witcher is now live

Last week, Com2uS revealed the next massive collaboration event for Summoners War: Sky Arena. This time, players will be able to explore the mystical world of The Witcher as the two popular RPGs join hands. Sky Arena is celebrating a decade of service and what better way to do it than collaborating with CD Projekt Red’s iconic title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Summoners War: Sky Arena players can engage in this month-long Witcher 3 crossover event, which will run up to April 1st. Players will be able to summon their favourite characters from the franchise, such as the beloved protagonist Geralt of Rivia, his adopted daughter and extremely powerful warrior Ciri, and, of course, the enchanting sorceress Yennefer. Even Triss will be part of the mix. … [MORE]