Swing and a miss: Madame Web is as bad a box office flop as everyone predicted

Yes, just as everyone thought it would, Madame Web is a box office bomb – in fact it’s doing so bad that it’s set a new record for Sony’s Spider-Man films.

That record, you won’t be surprised to hear, is not a good one, as the film is actually a record-low debut for Sony’s attempt at a connected Spider-Man universe that doesn’t have Spider-Man in it. The film only managed to gross $17.6 million in the US in its 3-day opening weekend, for a total of $25.8 million over a six-day period, as reported by Variety – somehow even lower than Morbius, which saw a $39 million domestic debut. Bear in mind, Morbius, much like Madame Web, was critically panned, so this is an even bigger blow for the film, especially one that has attempted to set up more Spider-Man films going forward (even if it does so in the most groan-worthy way possible).

According to sources that spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, the film is doing so badly that Sony likely won’t consider another Madame Web movie “for another decade-plus.” Personally, I think Sony making a film based on a character that honestly hasn’t had that big of an overall presence in Spider-Man’s history is the first mistake that was made, not to mention the fact that it is just continuing to make Spider-Man films that don’t even have the web-slinger in them. It is such a baffling decision that continues to prove itself as a bad one, and I don’t have much faith in the upcoming Kraven the Hunter solo film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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