Tekken 8 community up in arms over plans to add premium currency to game, post-launch

A portion of the Tekken 8 community is up in arms around the recent announcement of the Tekken Shop, an avenue for paid cosmetics that’ll offer a steady supply of classic character costumes and other fancy items for players to buy with in-game currency. The big problem? These weren’t in game at-launch.

The reason why people are aggravated is multi-faceted, and raises some genuine questions about how exactly the fighting game of the modern day should be monetized. These cosmetics don’t come from thin air, and with players having a lot of fun dressing their favourite character up, are folks being unrealistic with their demands? Or has publisher Bandai Namco pulled a fast one? Let’s break it down.

Before we touch on the timing of the in-game store’s release, let’s look at what the store will actually offer players, and how this addition was presented by the development team. Players can buy in-game currency for real money – and for the legacy skins for fighters (Jin’s Tekken 4 drip, for instance), we’re talking roughly $4 per skin. Now, that’s not too bad when compared to Tekken 8’s competitors – just look at Street Fighter 6’s absurd pricing for its recent TMNT cosmetics – but it’s still a step up from what Tekken games have offered in the past.

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