The Analogue Duo is a hardcore dream at a hardcore price

Analogue is back at it again. The company that pitches itself as the sort of Rolls Royce of retro gaming is back with its latest piece of hardware – and it’s arguably the most niche offering yet.

Where past Analogue machines have been based on the most mainstream and successful of video game consoles – the SNES, the Mega Drive, the Game Boy, and so on – the Analogue Duo is a true hardcore gamer’s device. The pitch is the same, however: it takes old games and makes them look glorious on modern displays through the wonder of FPGA technology. All that’s really different is the machine it’s reviving.

The primary difference this time around is that I’m willing to bet a lot of you have never played, leave alone owned, a TurboGrafx-16, aka the PC Engine. When Analogue’s boss sent through an email asking if I’d like to check out the Duo, it contained an extra question I’d never seen him ask before: did we even have games to test it with? I’m insufferable, so I did, but I bet many did not. That’s telling: this Analogue offering has a narrower audience.

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