The Moana Disney+ series you’d forgotten about is now Moana 2 because streaming is crumbling

Disney has big plans for Thanksgiving 2024, as the company has suddenly announced Moana 2 will be taking over the spot. Yes, that movie wasn’t meant to happen. So, what’s up?

Back in 2020, when the Covid pandemic was in full swing and most entertainment giants were looking to the streaming lands as the Ultimate Salvation, Disney was quick to turn several of its key properties into potential TV series. Among them was Moana. Almost four years later, things are looking very different, with the ‘streaming bubble’ in the process of bursting and audiences doubling down on the theatrical experience and physical formats.

Thus, we find ourselves surprised-but-not-really by the announcement of Moana 2, which is set to drop on November 27, 2024. You can watch the first look here, which seems to tease Moana has grown since we last saw her. Obviously, this is the streaming series reworked into a theatrical movie. It’s probably for the best, but we’re very curious about how that entire creative process looked like internally.

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