The Sims 4’s next DLC will be a jewellery-crafting stuff pack, out on Leap Day

After a few days of teasing via social media, we now know that The Sims 4 Crystal Creations Stuff Pack is the next add-on coming to EA’s behemoth life simulator, and it turns out it’ll be out very soon — at the end of this month. The pack looks to expand on the metal and crystal collecting systems that have been present since the base game, finally allowing your Sims to show off some bling after digging through the shiny rocks that spawn in the world.

Previously, the only uses for crystals and metals other than collecting them for satisfaction points was to examine them FOR SCIENCE and then display them as raw chunks, sell them, or slot them into the rather distracting Celestial Crystal Crown, which had some powerful effects but didn’t exactly look stylish.

The new stuff pack significantly expands on the usefulness of metals and crystals, allowing Sims to craft a variety of cosmetic and decor items from the raw materials in their collections. Rest assured, those powerful mood effects aren’t going anywhere once you set your shiny prizes in some jewellery, with an intriguing suggestion that you might want to “charge your crystals in the moonlight” now as well. It also looks as though you can even have your Sim propose to their significant other with a ring they designed and made themselves. Awwww.

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