“They can turn it around” – Den of Wolves (and ex-Payday) developers discuss Payday 3’s shaky launch

Payday 3 isn’t the explosive hit many of us where expecting. As of writing, it has a 24-hour Steam peak of 1,489 players. That obviously doesn’t take into account those enjoying it on consoles, the Epic Game Store or Game Pass, but, when compared to the 27,099 24-hour peak that serves as Payday 2‘s high watermark, it paints quite the picture. It’s clear to everyone that if the game will ever reach the heights of its predeccesor, it has a long way to go.

While opinions on the game are as plentiful as the bills in its banks, there’s no better group of people to quiz on the subject of Payday 3 than the select few developers who created the Payday series in the first place. It is well known that both Ulf Andersson and Simon Viklund – two thirds of the original trio who founded Overkill – split from Starbreeze to create brand new projects like GTFO and the recently revealed Den of Wolves as part of 10 Chambers. Of this pair, it was Viklund who shared his thoughts on the matter in Unity’s Copenhagen offices.

“I played it one evening with Ulf and a couple of other founders and we had fun!” Viklund begins. “They’re playing to their audience. They have this install base and they’re giving more of the same. It’s been updated with some mechanics – getting discovered when you’re in stealth is a bit fuzzier. When the alarm goes off it’s still full on sausage until you either fail the heist or succeed.”

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