This new Starfield mod lets you instantly take down foes by stealthily punching them in the bum

There’s a new Starfield mod that adds a brand new skill to the game based around silently taking your foes down – in either lethal or non-lethal fashion – using your bare hands or a handy ripshank. That said, the main thing that I like about it is the potential to instantly murder someone by punching them in the posterior.

While it seems like we’re at the point where it seems like Starfield’s Creation Kit probably needs to arrive before people can really start trying to unleash its full modding potential, some devoted folks are still working on or planning interesting mods for it in the interim. One of these looks pretty perfect for those who either love a bit of Hitman or just like finding new ways to goof around in zero-gravity.

It’s called ‘Shades Stealth Takedowns (Knock-out or Lethal)’ and comes from modder Shadedness, who clearly likes the idea of pretending to be a ninja in space. Their latest work is designed to let you “sneak up on your enemies and perform one-shot takedowns for a non-lethal knockout or instant-kill.”

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