Three giant Roblox games disappear in potential DMCA battle

Roblox | Pocket TacticsThe Roblox community faces a bump in the road today as three huge anime games allegedly face a DMCA and disappear off the platform. The three games affected are Anime Adventures by Gomu, Anime Fighting Simulator X, and Anime Fighting Simulator – both by BlockZone.

According to information on Twitter, Roblox publisher and producer Gamefam Studios has sent DMCA requests to these three games, causing them to disappear from searches, and appear as ‘under review’ or private experiences. Now, this is all alleged, there’s currently no proof as developers of the affected games haven’t confirmed or commented on the situation themselves.

Gamefam Studios is the name behind Sonic Speed Simulator and My Hero Academia Battlegrounds – an official game made with Crunchyroll. This is very coincidental considering the three very popular experiences that are now gone all use MHA assets. This is what led to the assumption of the DMCA getting sent from the studio now in control of an official MHA game.