Top Skyrim and Fallout modders are excited about this weekend’s C3 showcase – here’s why you should be, too

“I remember a time not too long ago when Wanaming0, a modder friend of mine, needed help getting this mask to follow the facial expressions of the NPC wearing it,” recalls modder Neeher, “Well, I had no idea.”

“At first, there was no documentation on it,” he continues, “but fairly quickly, it was figured out and now that information is easily accessible for anyone to look up. Problem solved.” The modder adds that the solution to this conundrum ended up being: “this strange work around, but [somehow] it does indeed work.”

Without the likes of Neeher, Wanaming0, and countless others in the massive modding community that’s long existed around Bethesda games being willing to coming together and not just solve weird issues like this, but share their work and experiences, there’d be a lot more would-be creators sitting in front of computers looking stumped. More importantly, most of the array of interesting and impressive mods and modding projects that’ll be on display at C3 – a community-driven showcase event that’s set to take place on Twitch across February 2 and 3 – probably wouldn’t look as cool as they do.

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