Tragically, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth teases a Kiryu karaoke duet you can’t actually make happen

Warning: Spoilers for Like A Dragon`: Infinite Wealth lie ahead.

While Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth continues the series’ longstanding history of letting you belt out a ballad or two in your spare time, there’s one karaoke moment that it teases but doesn’t deliver. Naturally, players are already asking for a free update that’d allow them to experience it.

If you haven’t been too busy playing lots of mahjong or building some kind of weird shrine on Dondoko Island in Infinite Wealth, you’ve likely spent plenty of time chatting with your party in order to get to know them better and earn some cheeky bond boosts. One of these little chats involves Kiryu, Seonhee, and a duet proposal that people’d quite like to be able to be able to take them up on.

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