Ubisoft exec tries to justify Skull and Bones’ £70 price tag by saying it’s a “quadruple-A” live-service game

In a statement that I can only refer to as “confident,” Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has attempted to justify the high cost of Skull and Bones by calling it a “quadruple-A” project.

Skull and Bones, the Assassin’s Creed 4 pseudo-spin-off all about being a pirate, is a pretty typical-looking live service title that will also apparently cost £70. Up against the likes of free-to-play games like Destiny 2 and Fortnite, as well as the much cheaper (and much better looking) Sea of Thieves, this does not seem like a recipe for success. As reported by Eurogamer, during a recent Q&A session at a conference call for Ubisoft’s Q3 sales for the fiscal year 2024, Guillemot touched on the topic of Skull and Bones’ cost, saying, “You will see that Skull and Bones is a full-fledged game.

“It’s a very big game and we feel that people will really see how vast and complete that game is. So it’s a really full triple-A, quadruple-A game that will deliver in the long run.” Honestly, I’m not exactly confident in a game that’s been delayed more times than I can keep count of, and is reportedly only continuing to be made because of subsidies it took from the Singaporean government (which Ubisoft declined to comment on). But sure, £70 for a supposedly “quadruple-A” game that will also seek to take your money in other, longer-term ways on top of that, why not!

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