UFO99 tasks you with taking down evil snowmen to unlock Christmas-themed characters in its latest update

Noice2D Game Studio is celebrating all the fun and frenzy of the Christmas season with a holiday event within UFO99, letting players join in on a “Snowball Brawl” until January 5th. In particular, you can participate in some merry mayhem by taking down snowmen across a festive shoot-em-up.

In the latest update for UFO99, you’ll need to make sure your snowball fighting skills are on point as you try to beat evil snowmen in exchange for “Santa Claus” event currency. This, in turn, can be used in the Christmas gachapon machine to redeem the Polar Bear, Christmas Elves, the Ice Witch, Reindeer, and the Gingerbread Man. The Rainbow Christmas Tree item, on the other hand, can boost the drop rate of the Santa Claus currency, and it can be obtained by simply watching an ad. … [MORE]