Uh oh, it looks like Andor season 2 might not make it to Disney+ in 2024

Disney has confirmed its release schedule for titles arriving next year, and with Andor nowhere to be seen, it seems like the series has been pushed out of 2024.

Sorry to say it, Andor fans, but it looks like those of you hoping to see the second season of the popular Star Wars series sometime in 2024 are out of luck. Earlier today, Disney shared a release schedule for several of its titles due out next year, including both theatrical and Disney+ releases, and Andor can’t be seen anywhere on the list. The main reason it feels like an odd omission is the fact that an August 2024 release window was actually confirmed earlier this year, so something must have changed for its projected release at the very least.

A couple of things that definitely would have caused the delays were the WGA writer’s strike and SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike (which, as a reminder, were completely justified – don’t have a paddy just because your favourite show’s been delayed). So, it’s not a surprise to hear that it has been delayed, considering that production will now have finished later than expected. Now all that remains is the question of if it will make it into 2024, or if we’re going to have to wait until 2025 to catch season two.

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