Uncharted Waters Origin adds new admiral Zheng Chenggong and Assault boss Moby Dick in latest update

Line Games has just announced a thrilling new update for its seafaring sandbox RPG, Uncharted Waters Origin. This one adds another new S Grade Admiral to the fray. Zheng Chenggong joins the game alongside the mate Aredvi. In addition, players can also participate in the Lunar New Year’s event and new Assault mode featuring a powerful boss.

Uncharted Waters Origin expands its fleet of characters with Zheng Chenggong, an S Grade Admiral from the Ming Dynasty. He has access to Admiral’s Orders and a set of skills that can do wonders in combat. Players who manage to complete Zheng’s Chronicles will be awarded with five tickets for Aredvi, the new S Grade mate, Superior Mate EXP Potions, and Superior Mate Tickets. … [MORE]