Vin Diesel nearly got to play Tekken 6 before any of us, but the game’s devs wouldn’t trust him like family

Ok, sit down. According to the world’s most famous Tekken developer, Vin Diesel nearly got to play Tekken 6 ahead of the rest of us, but sadly, he was never able to thanks to a couple of factors related to the stage of development the game was at.

Yes, the mumbly man from those films about cars driving around and doing skids (I actually like them, way more than I probably should, in case you’re wondering) was in with a chance of beating someone up in a video game before you had the chance to. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow Dom Toretto to slap some folks around on a screen.

This is according to series stalwart developer Katsuhiro Harada, who decided to take a break from giving slightly tongue-in-cheek answers as to why the likes of Final Fantasy‘s Tifa Lockhart and Clive Rosfield aren’t unlockable characters in Tekken 8 to reminisce about someone else some fans had suggested as a potential addition – Vin Diesel.

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