War of Evolution tasks you with building your own creature from a single cell, now open for pre-registration

Onemt Hong Kong Limited lets you start from scratch to build your own creature with War of Evolution, now open for pre-registration on iOS and Android. You’ll start from the very bottom as a single cell, then go through the whole evolutionary journey on the road to becoming an intelligent being. You’ll power up to become the ultimate creature, and even go beyond the vast reaches of space as a dominant species.

In War of Evolution, you can look forward to developing your own species by sticking to the “survival of the fittest” rule – as such, you’ll have to devour smaller organisms to grow, and you’ll also have to steer clear of predators to ensure you make it through another day. There are many stages to go through, from Cell to Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. You’ll also be able to customise your creature and find the best appearance that suits your tastes. … [MORE]