WcDonald’s becomes a transmedia and real-life event, as McDonald’s pounces on anime fans again

Late-stage capitalism has just gotten much wackier with the announcement that WcDonald’s, a recurring joke in anime, manga, webtoons, and video games, is becoming a real thing (for a while) thanks to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s USA teased the news on Wednesday, February 21, before dropping a first look at the poster for the anime shorts it’ll be releasing alongside the in-restaurants event, which sounds quite ambitious.

For the many of you who are scratching you heads right now, here’s a short history lesson. As far as we know, WcDonald’s originated from the 1981 manga and anime franchise Cat’s Eye, and appeared in the 1983 anime adaptation’s 48th episode ‘A Mystery for a Winter Night’, before going viral. Since then, the brand and fictional restaurants have appeared across many forms of animated media and even video games, usually as kind of small cameo or background element.

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