We used Madden 24 to sim the Super Bowl everyone actually wanted, and sorry folks, it was pretty fun

The air is thick with the smell of hotdogs, sweat, and anticipation. The Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions, having made it through their respective championship games against Kansas City and San Francisco, just like most of us hoped they would, have marched out onto the field to take their shots at glory.

For the former it’s about the legacy of a quarterback who’s all but wrapped up his second MVP at just 27 years old and a defence that’s strangled the life out of the league’s most elite attacks this year that’s on the line. For the latter, it’s the legacy of an entire organisation whose history is stacked with a lot more disappointment than success, the battle-scarred, but unbroken beast that hasn’t made the Super Bowl since before the Super Bowl was even a thing.

Only one will have the redemption they desperately crave when today’s game in Madden NFL 24 is all said and done.

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