What are we even doing here, folks? Crunchyroll’s One Punch Man gacha game has an $1,000 character pack

If you were thinking of downloading One Punch Man World this weekend and giving it a gander, you may want to brace yourself. Crunchyroll’s latest gacha game has a $1,000 character pack for sale, which you can buy right now for a one-time discount of only $99.99! How generous! Surely this is a step too far, lads.

The game – released only two days ago for mobile and PC – is developed by Perfect World Games and published by popular anime streaming platform and publisher Crunchyroll. It’s an action RPG that allows you to take control of many of your favourite One Punch Man characters in tense battles of life and death. For a price, of course. Everything for a price. Lets not forget the pool we’re swimming in here.

Right now, players throwing themselves at One Punch Man World can opt to drop $99.99 on an SSR (that stands for super super rare) character pack and get one of the rarest characters – no need for testing your luck on traditional gacha-style rolls. And hey, look how nice the game is being, it’s a one-off sale too! It’s plastered on the bundle clear as day – this pack is usually valued at $999.99. That’s a 90% discount – you’d be practically throwing money away not to buy it!

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