Why you need to go back and play PowerWash Simulator this holiday season

PowerWash Simulator is an incredibly difficult game to justify enjoying if, like me, you’re in your 30s and have a home that you have a serious adult responsibility to maintain. There’s a certain awkwardness to showing this game to your Dad, sure he’ll be excited — after all, what could be more of a Dad game than PowerWash Simulator? — only to watch his eyes glaze over before he silently heads out to his garage and starts using his actual power washer to actually deep-clean his actual driveway.

Alright, Dad, you’ve made your point; but also, here’s why it’s completely OK for me to play PowerWash Simulator even though I could just use that time to go outside and demoss my patio.

Look, I’ll admit that I didn’t understand the appeal of this game to begin with either, but it all fell into place for me once I realised what it actually is: one of those adult colouring books, but in reverse.

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