Wish Xbox had Helldivers 2? Amid the hype, Ex-Halo dev teases pitched game ideas that would’ve fit the bill

Amid all the Helldivers 2 hype, one former 343 Industries (Halo) developer has teased a few game pitches they saw for the legendary Xbox franchise back in the day. While none of them were greenlit as far as we know, there are some real bangers in there.

This dev in question is Kevin Schmitt, who now works as a senior designer on special projects at Epic Games. However, from 2012 – 2023, Schmitt was working inside 343 as a senior designer for the most part. It’s in this window that the events of Schmitt’s interesting tweet take place.

“We must have pitched 20-30 game ideas over the 12 years I was there that would have totally worked in the Halo universe. Many Single Player & Multi-Player ODST themed ones. Some galaxy-spanning, some more intimate…and one that was really dark. lol.”

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