World of Warcraft Season of Discovery players finish the new raid 12 hours after launch

World of Warcraft Classic was just blessed with phase two of its Season of Discovery last night, and a team of dedicated capital G Gamers have already not only hit max level, but cleared the new Gnomeregan raid. How long did it take? Roughly 12 hours.

That’s 12 hours to not only get from level 25 to forty, get some decent gear, but also to make their way inside a brand new raid and clear out all the never-before-seen bosses. This race to the world first clear was won by NOVA – a group of five mages, two warlocks, two priests, and a shaman.

The group managed to beat the final boss of the raid early this morning – a feat that initially proved challenging and resulted in consistent wipes for the raid. However, it would soon become easier, once the group realised that they needed to interupt one of the boss’ more troubling spells. At which point, a clean kill was quickly achieved.

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