Xbox games coming to PlayStation is fine, but it’s the future of Xbox consoles I’m worried about

Xbox doesn’t have the legacy of Nintendo or PlayStation. Despite Microsoft’s video game platform turning 23 this year, there’s no denying that for most people the Xbox’s legacy is little more than Halo. That’s clearly not true, but Xbox plays third fiddle to almost everyone who doesn’t like to shout a lot on social media and @PhilSpencer like they are old school buddies.

With the rumor that Xbox games are going to start coming to other platforms in quite a big way, and the inevitable whiplash reaction along the lines of “Xbox is dead,” I looked at my own history with the systems and I do have some concerns.

I imported a US Xbox for the November 15, 2001 launch. That makes me what you might call an ‘OG’; I’ve been here for 22 years. I beta tested Xbox Live. I’ve owned at least one version of every Xbox released. I’m a paid up Game Pass Ultimate member. I use my Xbox Series X approximately 10 times as much as I use the PS5, even though a lot of my favorite games over the years have been PlayStation exclusives. Playing games inside the Xbox ecosystem and infrastructure has, for me, just been a better experience.

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