Yes, Daggerfall Unity’s creator is planning his own classic TES-style game, but don’t expect to play it soon

After kicking off 2024 by releasing the long-anticipated fan-made remaster of the second mainline entry in the Elder Scrolls series, Daggerfall Unity’s creator is now planning to make his own game in the style of the classic RPG, but don’t expect it to arrive any time soon, if it all.

If you missed it, developer Gavin Clayton and co were finally able to put out the colossal mod, which had been in development for nine years and gives Daggerfall a much more modern and accessible makeover, during the festive period. Now, the modder has plans to try and develop an original game inspired by the 1996 jaunt through High Rock and about seven thousand other places.

After telling Dualshockers that he’d already started working on his own “Daggerfall-style” game that’ll ideally feature “[a] big world, complex systems, [and] mod support” that’re similar to those found in Daggerfall Unity, Clayton has provided some extra insight into where he’s currently at with these plans.

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