Yes, that Oblivion quest where you totally ruin a dinner party via an underpants spell is in Skyblivion

Remember the Oblivion quest where you crash a dinner party and unleash a cheeky underpants-based spell on some rich folks? Well, Skyblivion‘s developers have just given us a look at the massive mod’s version of it during a showcase at C3.

For those who aren’t familiar, Skyblivion is the massive modding project that’s remaking the fourth entry in the Elder Scrolls series in Skyrim’s engine. The team behind it are currently set to finally release their incredible creation in 2025, but have been providing fans with plenty of previews and sneak peaks in the interim, with the latest of these coming as part of C3, a big Bethesda community modding showcase.

In this latest Skyblivion showcase stream, project lead Kyle ‘Rebelsize’ Rebel and quest developer Scott ‘Fishfiend’ Whiting kicked off with an impromptu look a funny little Imp model. Interestingly, the team is currently at a point with the mod where certain locations are being finalised and others that are linked to specfic quests are busy being revamped in ways that make them look even cooler than they did in the original game, making the most of the newer engine being used.

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