You heard right: Sonic 3 will feature the series’ best song

Sonic Adventure 2 fans, it’ll soon be your time, as it’s been confirmed that the greatest song from all of the series’ games, Live and Learn, will be in Sonic 3.

Last week, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released, mostly just giving us a good look at the game’s logo – as well as some casting confirmations, too. More importantly, though, is the audio that was paired with said trailer. Around halfway through the 20 second teaser, a certain set of notes started playing that sounded an awful lot like Sonic Adventure 2’s main theme, Live and Learn. As someone who has Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as one of their favourite games of all time (no, I’m not joking), I maybe freaked out just a touch, especially considering this is something fans have wanted since the first film. Now, as reported by Aftermath, we also have confirmation that the threequel will feature the iconic song.

Aftermath spoke with Johnny Gioeli, lead vocalist of Crush 40, the band led by longtime Sonic composer Jun Senoue, about the musical teaser, where he confirmed that a deal has been put in place for the track to appear in Sonic 3. “I have indeed signed a deal with Paramount for song placement,” Gioeli said. “How they will use it is strictly up to them. … Paramount now has the legal right to use ‘Live and Learn’. in any manner they feel necessary.” To explain, that means it could just be straight up the original, or it could be a reinterpreted orchestral arrangement like the one heard in the teaser trailer.

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