Zanagrams: The road to an accessibility triumph

As we collectively recover from the holiday season, we can reflect on the season of giving. For avid gamers, the best present of the season is the release of the annual game awards across a variety of gaming platforms. Passionate players will debate the merits of each contender and argue over the ultimate voting outcome. In recent years, game accessibility has become a focus of the gaming awards season. Gaming is based on inclusiveness and comradery which is a natural fit for accessibility programming.

As the Game of the Year awards trickle in, it is clear that an unexpected accessibility winner is emerging. This month, Dark Horse Games Studios’ game Zanagrams has swept the accessibility award across multiple platforms. Zanagrams is a captivating anagram game that incorporated accessibility design from the outset of its development. In fact, the game developer founded Dark Horse Games Studios with the mission of creating accessible games for the sighted and visually impaired. … [MORE]