Arknights Hortus de Escapismo Event introduces the lost monastery Sanctilaminium Ambrosii

Mobile RPG Arknights is hosting its Hortus de Escapismo event, a side story event that focuses on the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii. In Arknights, the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii was a mobile monastery built by Iberia and Laterano. Once a paradise, the monastery vanished for 60 years after accidentally journeying into the barrenlands while seeking refuge.

During the event, which will run through January 11, you can complete stages to gain rewards like the five-star Operator Insider and the exclusive Insider’s Token. You’ll also have a chance to earn select pieces of the Ambulacrum Ambrosii furniture set, Recruitment Permits, Battle Records, Elite Materials and much more. … [MORE]